Wednesday, September 27, 2006

study for "the Economist Intelligence Unit"

Hello guys,

at the moment I am conducting a 10-minutes-study on "outsourcing habits in the financial industry" for the magazine "Economist". Taking part just requires some knowledge about your company and the questions are simple. You will receive a copy of the whole study with its results afterwards.

Your data will not be shared with any third parties and it is your decision whether you want to receive a book present or not.

As it is very difficult to get through to the right people on the phone I truly need your help to get this job done. Just make an appointment with me and I will call you at your work.

My contact details: (same for MSN messanger) or ICQ 330535517

Thank you so much.....Marcel


Anonymous Magdalena Szarafin said...

That is an older post, however, I would like to pay your attention on my brief study undertaken today.
I have chosen the most popular (or better: the best positioned) websites dealing with outsourcing, typing "outsourcing" in the Google search engine. Then I have taken the first 2 pages of Google results into consideration and decided to check the value of 9 websites.
To estimate their value, I have used 3 different tools, which are available free of charge. The average value of the "cheapest" website taken into consideration amounts to US$ 4,252, while the most expensive of them is US$ 68,076 worth.
The results of the study can be downloaded from here (as a pdf file) or can be read here.

Magdalena Szarafin

12:03 AM  

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