Wednesday, September 27, 2006

study for "the Economist Intelligence Unit"

Hello guys,

at the moment I am conducting a 10-minutes-study on "outsourcing habits in the financial industry" for the magazine "Economist". Taking part just requires some knowledge about your company and the questions are simple. You will receive a copy of the whole study with its results afterwards.

Your data will not be shared with any third parties and it is your decision whether you want to receive a book present or not.

As it is very difficult to get through to the right people on the phone I truly need your help to get this job done. Just make an appointment with me and I will call you at your work.

My contact details: (same for MSN messanger) or ICQ 330535517

Thank you so much.....Marcel

Friday, September 08, 2006

Tapan Mukerji's World

Engineering Outsourcing

Generally, outsourcing most of the times tends to be related to cost saving. Well, this may be one part of the story but not the single driver. Basically, one goes to outsource when it is not possible to accomplish the same way in-house. So this may be cost, technology, time lines or whatever.

With our experience of handling various projects from offshore, we have seen engineering outsourcing is also interpreted most of the times as drafting assignments. Equally untrue is this interpretation!

There are many areas like design, analysis, project management where the customer simply may not have the expertise. Recently, we did a finite element analysis of a complicated configuration for a large manufacturing US organization. It is interesting to note that the organization had been manufacturing the same product for 20 years but when it came to performing a finite element analysis, they had to outsource offshore.

In this case demand for technology prevailed over everything else. So offshore companies are not solely meant for labor intensive functions - many of them have highly specialized technology skill to offer.