Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Discussion On Outsourcing Education

I want to discuss about outsourcing as a field of research and as a course taught in Universities.Anyone having information please join the discussion.Also what do you feel about the outsourcing professional certification program by the International Society of Outsourcing Professionals..?

Monday, January 02, 2006

Looking for new outsourcing destinations

As we know India and China are the preferred outsourcing destinations at the present. But then the rising costs in India and legal problems in China has forced us to find new dsetinations for outsourcing.Poland is coming up in Eastern European region, then there is Russia and former Yugoslavia.In the Asian region, I believe Nepal, Sri Lanka would be a great destinations because of the lower costs, sizeable English speaking population and availability of trained manpower.Although the talent pool is not comparable to India and China, Nepal and Srilanka can be a good option for small scale projects.

Nepal has problems with infrastructure and stability.Recently the King took over the government and shut down internet access for couple of days, even mobile phones were down.Then there is the Maoist insurgency which has forced many international projects to leave the country.Sri Lanka has the issue of Tamil insurgency.

What I am trying to get here is, to start a discussion on new outsourcing destination, outside the obvious.