Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Newer Areas for offshore outsourcing:2006

Is 2006 going to unfold newer areas of outsourcing?
Clinical Process Outsourcing probably could be one of the areas that might emerge out with simplification of health care legislations. If carefully handled, the world should witness the dream come true - a more efficient health care delivery system. The most critical part will be the selection of the offshore providers and correctly assessing the expertise level. The criteria for selection would be a tougher process and for performing that correctly the decision makers should thoroughly acquaint themselves with the medical education system prevailing in the target countries.

In fact the standard of medical education in some of the institutions in India, for example, is highly comparable with what is known as best in the world. It will be misleading to comment on the standard of medical education on the basis of the current scenario of health care delivery system as exists in those target countries. These are two different issues, the latter being an intrinsic function of socio-political parameters.


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