Thursday, August 26, 2004

10 O. Traps to Avoid

Businesses are struggling to reduce costs and grow revenues. B. Process O. initiatives are under way in many large, medium and small global companies. However, many organizations are a bit naive about the commitment and discipline O. takes to reap the benefits of O. Organizations fail to realize the impact on their people, processes, methods and tools as they proceed down the O. path. According to Mark Power, Carlo Bonifazi and Kevin Desousa in the Journal of B. Strategy (2004, Vol 25, Number 2) there are ten major O. traps to avoid:
  1. Lack of management commitment
  2. Lack of an O. communications plan
  3. Minimal knowledge of O. methodologies
  4. Failure to recognize O. business risks
  5. Failure to obtain outside O. professionals
  6. Not dedicating the best and brightest internal resources
  7. Rushing through the initiative
  8. Not recognizing the impact of cultural differences
  9. Minimizing what it will take to make the vendor productive
  10. No formal O. governance program

O. is indeed a complex strategic process that can result in a competetive advantage, provided its done well and not in a haphazard fashion. Do we know of any more O. traps to avoid or can we go along with the 10 from Power, Bonifazi and Desousa?